Deborah Harkness – Shadow of Night

Shadow of Night
Shadow of Night
Author: Deborah Harkness
Series: All Souls Trilogy #2
Publishing date: 10 July 2012
Publisher: Viking Adult
Status: completed

A Discovery of Witches introduced Diana Bishop, Oxford scholar and reluctant witch, and the handsome geneticist and vampire Matthew Clairmont; together they found themselves at the center of a supernatural battle over an enchanted manuscript known as Ashmole 782. Drawn to one another despite longstanding taboos, and in pursuit of Diana’s spellbound powers, the two embark upon a time-walking journey.

Book Two of the All Souls Trilogy plunges Diana and Matthew into  Elizabethan London, a world of spies and subterfuge, and a coterie of Matthew’s old friends, the mysterious School of Night.  The mission is to locate a witch to tutor  Diana and to find traces of Ashmole 782, but as the net of Matthew’s past tightens around them they embark on a very different journey, one that takes them into heart of the 1,500 year old vampire’s shadowed history and secrets. For Matthew Clairmont, time travel is no simple matter; nor is Diana’s search for the key to understanding her legacy.

Shadow of Night brings us a rich and splendid tapestry of alchemy, magic, and history, taking us through the loop of time to deliver a deepening love story, a tale of blood, passion, and the knotted strands of the past.

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My impression:
I finished this book just before 2 days and I’m still living inside the story. I spent many sleepless night just because I can’t leave the book. It’s so fascinating, you just can’t stop.

I have read the first book more then 17 months ago and in the beginning I had to stop and remember what happened in book 1 and who is this one character, but this passed very fast and I totally sank in the story again.

In this second book Diana and Matthew are back in 1590-91 in England – trying to find a witch, who can teach Diana to use her magic abilities and also to find Ashmole 782. “Shadow of Night” is separated in 5 different parts – every one having a different place, but evolves the story in a way, which the reader can’t expect at all.

I like the way the story is written in a historic way – Deborah Harkness herself is a good historian and definitely knows how to make you feel like you’re in this time as well as the main characters.

Absolutely a story to follow. Interesting, breathtaking and tantalizing. Can’t leave it.

General note: 10/10


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