Ryan Attard – Firstborn

Author: Ryan Attard
Series: Legacy Series #1
Publishing date: 13th December 2013
Publisher: AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc.
Status: completed

There’s a war raging between the forces of Heaven and Hell; and, as if he didn’t have enough to deal with from his own issues, his sister has chosen the wrong side.

“I was in control of this Armageddon-level spell. I willed it to life and I gave it purpose. The sky swirled and grey clouds condensed into a swirling mass. Thunder and lightning resounded all over the place. I dropped my gun and focused entirely on the spell. The shadows coalesced inside my right hand as I squeezed it into a fist. The sky swirled.”

Meet Erik Ashendale, wizard.
He solves all kinds of problems of a magical and freaky nature. And he’s usually up for hunting down the supernatural, especially when his rent’s due.
In his first full length novel of The Legacy Series, Erik and his unlikely companions have to square off against angels, demons, and an ancient Japanese monster.

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My impression:
I started this book long ago, this January. Other story is that I received it even more long ago, but you know what’s the issue when you don’t have the correct program/app to start reading. So I started it in January, but unfortunately my reader crashed and I was finally able to fix it just before 2 weeks. So the moment for reading this book had come.

At the beginning the book is little bit messy, but when you adjust with writer’s writing everything flows natural. The book is catchy and the story grabs you very fast. There is lots of unexpected moments and twists. Moments, which makes you try to read even faster to understand what will happen. I read when I wake up in the morning, when I’m at work (in where is absolutely forbidden to use phone), at breaks, even in the bathroom (xD). I even slept with the phone one night…

The main character Erik Ashendale, a wizard – I totally imagined he is looking like the author of this book (Ryan) and the story was even funny for me. All the conversations between Erik and Amaymon were absolutely hilarious.

Another plus for me was that I learnt a bunch of new words. As you may know, English is not my mother language and I had to check the meaning of some words while reading. But it was fun.

All in all, very interesting book, with a good story, easy going and funny at times. Absolutely recommended!

General note: 9.5/10


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