Tracie Howard & Danita Carter – Revenge is Best Served Cold

Revenge is Best Served Cold
Revenge is Best Served Cold
Author: Tracie Howard & Danita Carter
Publishing date: 1st October 2001
Publisher: NAL
Status: completed

Take two women with a score to settle, blend seamlessly into Manhattan high society, and serve chilled.

Beautiful Morgan Nelson is making waves as VP of a Fortune 500 corporation. Dakota Cantrell is a bond trader making all the right moves on Wall Street. Together they’ve found the right men, shattered the color barriers, kicked the boys club to the curb, and made a name for themselves as the Divas of New York big business.

But their luxurious lifestyles are still worlds apart from the old money of Park Avenue — the haunt of their charismatic new business partner Blake St. James. He’s a man with a secret, a hidden motive, and a scheme that threatens everything Morgan and Dakota have acomplished. Now, they’re going to fight fire with fire, betrayal with betrayal. No compromise. No rules. No limits. For success is truly… the best revenge.

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My impression:
My mom gave me this book some time ago. She wanted me to read it, bacause of some reason, I don’t know. So I don’t have a chance to say no. Usually, I don’t read books in this genre. Not the latest 2-3 years.

Anyhow, I started to read. In the begining is the slowest moment. More than 5 times I was going just to skip it, but I forced myself to read. After the first 100 pages the story finally caught my interest and started to read it faster than before.

Both main characters are interesting women and have interesting vision for the world, but they both have been misled by this guy. As a reader, I started to guess what will happen in the end of the book and I wasn’t wrong. The story ended like cutted with a knife and I didn’t liked it like that. I think it may have a better end. However, it’s authors’ choice.

Well, not a bad book, but I’m not gonna recommend it. It’s predictable and more like fashion magazine than actual story.

General note: 2/10